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Unlike medicine, architecture is not a needed profession, per se. A person can easily live a lifetime and never need, work with, be exposed to, or really understand the work of architects. Yet, architecture is around us all, every day, impacts our lives and activities in most all of the places and environments we encounter daily. The work is so subtle, hidden, and has never been explained or taught in the educational system, that it is simple lack of awareness and knowledge which relegates architecture to be the unseen/hidden profession! In spite of this, there is a good portion of business people who understand the value of the architect.

They continue to utilize the expertise that is available from architects.

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In this, they receive projects that meet their needs, fulfill their dreams, and aid the progression of their businesses. But while this is occurring, there is little contributed to the profession overall.

The impact of private commissions projects or jobs, to the architect is restricted to the client and the immediate populace in some impacted by the projectemployees, families, surrounding neighbors, and general community, for example. Little, if anything, comes of this in the way of elevating the status of the architect and the contribution made.
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