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Of course, there is some openness and exposure, via media coverage, of new buildings and other structures, primarily when they are completed and ready for use. Usually though, the emphasis is on the function or occupancy and not on the concept or reality of the design and architectural elements. Coverage often is aimed at a show and tell sequence a snapshot in time, which plays off of the new, out-of-the-ordinary, controversial, and unique aspects of projects. Also, the media loves to create new debates over such things a public financing of very revolutionary buildings, which appear to be quite pricey just because of their unusual appearance.

Architectural Styles Houses Pictures Photos

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A case can be made that the profession itself is the root of its own problems. The most prevalent and annoying problem with the profession is its own inability to define its role, to establish its value, to be more commonly known and understood, to resolve its proper public face, and to provide a consistent, directed and appropriate educational process. There are simply too many opinions as to what architecture really is.

There is some much irrelevant discussion that murkiness engulfs the profession, and mocks its intrinsic value. Primary in this malaise is the lack of a cohesive direction for all architects, no matter which aspect or niche they choose to engage in.
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