Some will ignore their basic intuition, for various reasons, and attempt to produce any work that comes to them. The wiser heads will, of course, demur, but this is the point at which all of the players and all of their efforts MUST be directed “ in concert, fitting all of the individual pieces together just as in a completed jigsaw puzzle. While the ultimate use may be in doubt, or variant, there is a distinct need to provide the fundamentals for the new professionals, across the board, no matter what route to success they may take. One simply cannot rely on skill in one area of practice, without understanding how that skill fits, is utilized, or contributes to the professional effort. Each skill and each person is a part of the whole endeavor. Let’s examine each piece or player and their situation: PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: The student approaching college, today, has a vast store of information, and developing skills, which really need to be refined, honed or focused. Many come from backgrounds steeped in computer usage, whether the simple rudiments of word processing, the graphic expressions of various CAD software programs, or various skills associated with the vast array of computer programs.


Cape Cod Homes - Southern California Architecture Styles - Sheri Cape Cod Homefull Cape Cod home has a central door and chimney, two windows on Architectural Styles

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