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Literally, it defines the project, and provides the overall scope of the work to be done to create the finished project. But because the principles used in creating architecture are quite subjective, and are not based on formulas, which provide specific and singular answers, even the clients tend to look askance at the architect's work. Too often, the perception is that all architectural work is overly costly, embellished, festooned, and located on the edge of reality. It is a mystery, even within the profession, as to how some architects the signa- 66 CHAPTER 6 – ON BECOMING AN ARCHITECT ture architects or starchitects can convince their clients to support and pay for the cutting edge design we see so often.

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Certainly the professional must play to the image consciousness of the client, rather than to the more sedate, businesslike reality that the vast majority of clients embrace. Yet the media, and even the trade publications within the profession, place high, if not exclusive emphasis on the unique, the odd, the eccentric, the idiosyncratic, the extraordinary, and what they choose to portray as the cutting edge work and not on the normal work of the profession. Some seem to seek only the style-setting, the trendy, and the controversial.

However, high profile projects are but a small proportion of the total architecture produced in any one year. There are thousands of project, which receive little if any media coverage, and then usually at the local level.
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