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The members of the general public never knew about, or realized the impact of the profession, despite the fact that they are daily influenced by the architects' effort “ the ways are subtle, and for the most part, taken quite for granted. For many years, and particularly when projects began to take on more massive, wide-ranging and multiple building dimensions, the architect moved in a quasi-Master Builder posture to leader of the project team. Here the architect would assemble consultants of various expertise to combine and contribute to the grand design scheme. The architects' effort was directed toward overall coordination of both the technical CHAPTER 6 – ON BECOMING AN ARCHITECT 65 effort and design “ to the eventual outcome in the way of a finely tuned, well placed and coordinated facility, which serves the client's needs to a tee “ basically a tailor-made suit to fit the nuances of the client's business in a way to expand productivity, image, and of course, profit.

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With this the architect came to be the expert regarding all occupancies, and life styles; business ventures, health care facilities, educational facilities, and even industrial complexes. Housing, particularly single-family housing at first the primary source of commissions, was slowly lost as fewer and fewer mansions were built, and where prefabrication and streamlined work procedures came out of World War II. Some high-end houses were done, but relatively few practices were able to sustain themselves doing just houses.

As community-wide planning became a more refined and specific field of work, the architect began to lose the team leader role, in favor of the planner, who possessed even greater depth of foresight? And a wider penchant to produce for the now, and for the future. Architects became building designers almost exclusively.
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