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There is continual need to justify the mere existence of architects, and their work; there is so little respect for their contribution. Even within project teams, the architect is minimized, and yes, demonized by the other design professions and disciplines. Because by definition the architect deals in at least some artistic considerations, the work is seen as voguish, bohemian, weird, superficial, unneeded, and a nuisance which causes the other professions to become immersed in solutions which are needlessly complex. The problem in and beyond all this, is that there has been no valid measure of the profession.

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There is nothing that serves to represent the profession “ nothing typical or representative of the effort. The small segment that does receive exposure is miniscule compared to the total professional work, at any given time. And placed side-by-side, there would be a grand discrepancy between what is deemed current style and the mainstream work being produced, successfully, but without fanfare.

Oddly enough, though, the architect is usually the first of the design professions to be brought into a project. Their work, similar to ancient times, initially shapes the project and places the parameters of size, function, construction, and aesthetics in place.
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