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That law is set by the jurisdiction as the legislative body sees fit along with, of course, strong and insightful testimony from practicing professions “ i.e. what should be the basic level of competence for a person to become registered note. Competency, not necessarily just education The most fundamental question is, What should an architect know; how much is required; and when should this all be known. When should formal education or instruction regarding the matters occur? These charts show a listing of professional services that can be provided by architects in various phases of work.

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Those in bold face are basic services and normally provided by standard contracts; the others listed are available optional but need to be negotiated with the owner and adjustments made n work scope and fee cost of services Although somewhat skewed over the last few years, it is usually understood that the architect must be registered to enjoy the full distinction of the profession and to be permitted to engage in any project available.

Registration laws were established to test the technical aplomb of the applicants “ to see whether or not they had the minimally basic information and ability to literally design and document any project regardless of size and complexity. Underscoring this level was the requirement for a degree from an accredited college or school of architecture. This requirement was intended to set a standard of achievement in the academics based on not so much a standardized curriculum as on instruction of suitable quality and value provided to all registrations applicants.
Homedesignq Architectural Record2009 Honor Award: Gold Medal Glenn Murcutt …


Homedesignq Tom Kundig – NCMH Modernist Masters Gallery


Homedesignq Architectural Record – 2009 Honor Award: Gold Medal Glenn Murcutt …


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