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But surely the most cursory review of the breadth of services that the profession offers, the many aspects and facets of practice, a basic legal discussion about responsibility and liability the professional standard of care, for example, and assuredly the innumerable tasks and skills performed by or required of professionals. The profession is NOT a straight line, where one reaches a plateau level and merely continues along that path until retirement. The side issues and opportunities are marvelous, exciting and should be part of the menu or palate offered each student from day one in college, until their graduation. Much can and will happen “ and each student should be at least minimally aware of what they can be “ in general terms.

And this instruction need not be a distraction from the development of skills required, knowledge required, and general education “ but assuredly, it should be part and parcel of every curricula.

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Architecture cannot be taught, properly, in miniscule microcosm of its entire impact. The rather convoluted approach to what the education should be, is best viewed from the terminal point “ the formal professional registration of the qualified architect this is the ultimate goal although not all graduates choose to become registered, for various reason; nonetheless the academic preparation should still be present.

Each state or other political governmental entity enacts laws that regulate the profession of architecture, via criteria for that registration or licensing, as many call it. This is a formal process whereby the prospective architect/applicant applies for registration and must meet certain hallmarks set out in the law.
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