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But the vast number of architects practice privately, quietly and quite competently! Those who succeed and they are many do so because they are able to deliver high quality service to their clients, and projects which meet the expectations of those clients, and serve their needs and solve their problems quite well. This is the face of architecture, which few acknowledge, and fewer still seem to understand. To be successful in this, we simply must rise far above what we bring into the profession. In that, IDP has a direct meaning, but we must force it to be meaningful.

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We must seek to make it as imposing on ourselves as the academic program we successfully completed. And then as employee we must continue to expand our knowledge and skills to become ever more important and contributory to the work of the office “ and to each project we touch. That is to say that the practice of the profession is strongly a matter of personal dedication, and commitment.

There is no place for merely getting by in the sequence of any project “ no matter what function you perform. The mark of a true professional is in doing the right thing, for the right reason, at the right time.
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