So, too, the profession overall except for a small, but growing number of individuals has lost sight of its “farm system “ the schools of architecture. Overall the professional educational system is, in polite terms, divergent “ or commonly, chaotic! Too many programs are misdirected, parochial, and driven by people who all too often are really not in the mainstream of active, daily professional practice. There has been, and remains, a major, deep, and confounding gap between what the schools teach, and what the profession really needs. Even the needs of the profession are not always the needs or desires of the offices. Before delving into further discussion, it seems appropriate to list the various players or entities with make up or contribute to the profession of architecture: Fig. 3-3 Upon registration the new architects is required to purchase certain items that carry verification of the new status, and which are used in varying ways; for example, the seal is required on documents produced by the architect requirements vary with state laws Example of format and information for the professional seal of an architect” state regulations vary, but usually a rubber stamp is required in addition to a steel embossing seal Typical information for a professional letterhead “ style and format is not regulated, but many states require that a sample letterhead be on file and used KARL R. THOMPSON Registered Architect 1724 Uptown Street Any Town, OO 11111 Now with the above there is a need to seek out and investigate the bottom line parameters and the single scenario that all of the players should be addressing, collectively, and in their individual perspectives, approaches and efforts; On the day that the new architect receives the letter confirming full registration, permission to purchase a professional registration embossing seal, rubber stamp, and letterhead; and to be called architect, with the full rights, privileges and responsibilities of a Registered Architect RA, there is an air of great accomplishment, as well as both expectance and omnipotence. In that, what is fundamentally expected? No matter what school was attended; no matter whether working in office or as an individual; no matter what type, complexity, or size of project involved; no matter the other many aspects of practice “ the new architect has been examined, and is deemed verified, to be, and is expected to be fully capable, by the registering state, of executing any such project! Registration has long been held as the ultimate goal of the architecture student. Of course, it is only the most pompous, illadvised, mis-directed, unthinking and blundering new architect who would think to venture out on such a course! BUT, what must this person be capable of doing to accomplish that, and to meet the full mandate to protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public the basis of all registration laws? To achieve this, what information, knowledge, skill, insight, intuition, ability, understanding, and other professional expertise must be in place to be called upon for use? Some may consider this as an unrealistic scenario but nonetheless it is the correct posture of the new architect, and a distinct possibility, if not a probability.


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