archsoc. com.kcas . No small part of this on-going dilemma this has been openly discussed since the 80s is the relationship and working arrangement of the several elements of the profession “ the schools, the agencies, the professional associations, the professional regulatory groups, the local scene individual architects, the firms and offices, and the chapters of the AIA, and the profession overall as disorganized as it is. Many talk, as we are, about the situation, but there is no collective effort to do something to modify the approaches, the direction and the seeming need for major restructuring of how the profession functions. Of course, some architects remain high profile, overly rhetorical, signature personages commonly called signature architects or starchitects, who, with their work are roundly discussed, pro and con, and usually become points of controversy in one manner or another. Some make handsome incomes; but their number is small. Often such offices struggle since they do not always have a backlog of bread and butter projects with recurring and continual income to help support the operation during lapses in their signature work. In addition, in the main there are a rather limited number of clients who can afford and subscribe to the highly individualistic projects which are usually quite costly, late in being completed, and too often contain errant construction that plagues the owners almost from the start “ a most disquieting scenario! For the majority of the professional practitioners the striving to get work and produce work of quality and compliance is much more of a struggle.


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