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Of course, there are many variations of these, but those shown are the basic examples commonly used Fig. 3-6 A short overview of the appearance and working atmosphere of a typical architect's office in the past pre-computer to illustrate the general nature of the offices and personnel Fi 3 6 To understand the overall atmosphere in offices and the changes that have occurred, one has only to look at a career during the middle third of the 20th century. Here the staff could vary from those wearing sleeve garters, changeable plastic collars and green eye-shades, smoking a pipe, to those of the post war update in styles. The typical architect late in the period, was distinguished by a rough tweed sport coat with elbow pads, flannel trousers or khakis, bow ties, and button-down oxford shirts the pipe remained.

The offices varied from hanging inverted funnel-like incandescent lights to fluorescent task lighting mounted directly on the typical four-legged, wooden drafting boards/tables or wood slabs/doors on adjustable trestle boards. Many were air-conditioned only over a period of time; and the spittoons slowly disappeared. And transition was made from T-squares and triangles to drafting machines; the drafting media changed from ink on line to pencil on 1000H rag paper or vellum; then to grease lead on Mylar.

Ruling pens gave way to Rapidograph fountain-like pens, to stick lead in lead holders. Specifications went from blueprinted back-carbon onion skins to mimeograph images.
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