Therefore, it is necessary that the professionals know, understand and fully appreciate the complete extent of the project and the process of construction. There is need to be flexible, CHAPTER 2 – THE REALITY 31 decisive, strong, instructional and educational, a good manager, and the correct interface between Owner/Client and Contractor. The intent is to provide a broader discussion, for student and young professional, about the practice of architecture, as it exists within the professional office “ and in other ancillary employment areas. The book provides a wider view and an array of considerations for prospective and younger professionals who are not exposed to them in their academic sequence or perhaps even in their office. The effort will be made to put forth information that can be directly applied to the areas of work, individual tasks, progression and advanceman on a career path, under-girding and augmenting of education, continuing education and similar efforts that will expedite the expertise and professionalism of the individual. So the next question is: How does the design concept created by the designer, for a new piece of architecture, transcend and become a reality? The intent is to answer this question. Fig. 2-16 Chart depicting the progressive sequence of work required by the progression in the production of architectural projects through the development and use of detailed information and correct and timely communication Fundamental understanding of how the profession of architecture functions and produces projects, must necessarily start with an overview of the various elements, factions, organizations or players that form part of it. The profession of architecture has a vast and wide reach and a deep impact on daily life worldwide “ if only on a project by project basis! It takes an extensive effort to try to describe and properly discuss the totality of the profession in all of its various aspects or professional services.


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