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3-1 Chart showing all of the players in the profession of architecture, from education to practicing professionals, and their interrelationships R.W. Liebing, The Other Architecture © Springer-Verlag/Wien 2011 34 CHAPTER 3 – UNDERSTANDING THE PROFESSION OF ARCHITECTURE The self-appointed task of relieving this situation is the charge of this book. But then, architecture is the profession largely unrecognized by the general public.

There simply is not a general understanding of the profession, its work and its impact, on not only communities but on personal experience.

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In the past, for example, a high school course might be listed as architectural drawing, but even that was a mystery to most people. Even this has all but disappeared as computerized drafting and CAD rapidly gain prominence and popularity with students.

Yet even with these changes, it is still the profession's task, bound and directed by law, to protect the health, safety and welfare of the same general public. In addition it is the profession that has a daily impact again unrecognized on the life and lifestyle of every person “ it creates the built environment in which we all live, work, play, and exist.

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