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Of course, the cultural aspects, and the developed tastes and opulence of the owners based on their heritage and upbringing were fully expressed in the projects. This is easily seen, today, in books and documentaries showing these architectural exploits, and noting what even today is an extreme in cost. It does seem, though, that the dollar spent then, bought far more than today; exotic wood species, handcrafting, ornamentation, mass, overall size, rare building materials, and huge facilities overall. The Industrial Revolution of the late 1800's also provided fertile training grounds for architects.

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While many consider industrial architecture as an ugly cousin, there were work opportunities, as well as openings for innovative thinking. Plant owners often were and still are so obsessed with their own business that they did not take time to evaluate how their buildings could be built to better serve their operation. In some aspects the architects brought forth new ideas and concepts which were both unique and unknown, but which also provide new concepts of building for high production, and for a new concept, employee comfort.

The concepts of factory construction that Albert Kahn presented to Henry Ford are now legendary. They survive today with suitable refinements attuned to the changed times and techniques.
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