UNDERSTANDING THE PROFESSION OF ARCHITECTURE themselves, needlessly, to risks. In essence this effort toward a very lean, rapid, reliable and studious approach to documentation rarely are offices sued over design problem “ most suits are created in the technical aspects of projects, i.e., failures or glitches in the actual construction or performance of the structure itself. At about the same time, the owners, more and more, were seeking a source of single responsibility for their projects. If they had a problem, they wanted to make one phone call and a single person to unload the problem on “ not a litany of various and interrelated disciplines. Hence came the development of new and varied project delivery systems “ construction management in a series of varied project delivery systems, design/build, bridging, partnering and other mutations, many of which further reduced the impact and professional status of the architect. The architect merely became one of many, the one responsible for the design and documents, with little direct influence or great import “ OK, a drafting service, if you must! In some aspects, architects have been abdicating their position and status through the years. In the 1950s, single-family housing was lost except to moonlighting architects since the fees required to operate offices were too high for the budgets allotted to the houses.


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