There was also more space for the huge scale and massive forms of Fascist public architecture. The most extreme manifestations of the style on the Lido were the Palazzo del Casino and the adjoining Palazzo del VENICE SINCE THE FALL OF THE REPUBLIC 28 5 Cinema, built in the years 1936-8 by Miozzi and a fellow engineer called Quagliata fig. 173 . 42 The Palazzo del Casino shows how far archi- tecture had moved from the picturesque style of the nearby Albergo Excelsior, built less than half a century before fig. 165. Here the design is boldly symmetrical and aggressively functional. The pitched roofs are concealed by the clean shapes of the facade walls in order to simplify the skyline, and the huge shafts of the columns of the central ‘portico’ are conspicuously stripped of all classical reminiscences. The Post-war Years: 1945-1980 In the post-war years the plight of Venice gradually became a cause for international concern. 43 The increasing severity of the flooding, known as acqua alta, which afflicted the city with growing frequency, began to make daily life more and more difficult.


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