This, in no way, demeans the direction and work of any individual architect. Rather it speaks to the specific challenge of each and every project and the flexibility required to resolve the issues and produce a meaningful design for the client. It also indicates that project parameters vary and change, over a very wide range “ and project goals are different but still need to please and satisfy the client. But there is one leveling process that all projects must negotiate “ the process of construction. At some point, no matter the type of project, the status and talent of the architect, or the drama of its design, every project must traverse the construction sequence. Here the project “ design and all “ is almost literally turned over to the constructors for their execution of the requisite hands-on work. The route to producing architecture of any style, type, or level of design accomplishment, is a collaboration of tasks, work items, application of varied skills some dangerous; some roughly hewn, back-breaking, and rudimentary; others dirty, greasy, oily, awkward; still others labor-intensive using human-power in place sophisticated machinery or technology. Projects cycle in stages where, at times, one wonders if the final project will ever match the original design concept: but most projects do. In this, the design professional is not relegated to the position of bystander, but there are various levels of participation.


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