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Over time, circumstances changes; mindsets change; interests change; and certainly, opportunities develop through choices made by others. The career line is NOT a straight line; rather it is more like a canoe trip down a small stream with many twists and turns; many changes in scenery; unknown hazards; blind corners; and other unpredictable occurrences some good; some bad. The constant in all of this is the interest and drive of the person, and what they see fit to do, and what they can do to reach whatever goal they are pursuing. Often circumstances Fig.

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6-6 Chart relating the percentage of professional fee received allocated to each phase of work. This is a rather traditional breakdown which is quite varied, now, in that computer operation can reduced time and fee required in Phases 3 and 4 which can the be re-allocated to other phases as required or converted to increased profits CHAPTER 6 – ON BECOMING AN ARCHITECT 71 or opportunities will arise that you never dreamed about as the saying goes, but which really do happen, daily, to regular people. Often there is some risk in taking advantage of such opportunities, but many are simply too attractive to pass up.

One must then be prepared to learn new skills or to expose oneself to the risks involved with trying something new “ uncomfortable, but quite often most rewarding. Also, in this, there is need to understand that very few, if any, architects are fully and equally astute, functional, or knowledgeable about each and every aspect of practice.

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