Venice Since The Fall Of The Republic

Gradually, the nostalgic, retrospective mood faded, and a more adventurous, forward-looking approach to design set in. One of the last buildings in the city built in conscious imitation of an earlier style was the Casa Salviati, on the Grand Canal at San Vio fig.170. This little palace, built by the engineer Dall'Olivo from 1924 VENICE SINCE THE FALL OF THE REPUBLIC 283 171 Casa del Farmacista, Lido, by Brenno del Giudice, begun 1926 to 1926, belonged to an old-established glass-manufacturing family, who used it as an excuse for blatant advertising.

The facade, built in the style of the early Renaissance, is incongruously decorated with mosaics – a medium not usually adopted in Venetian domestic architecture – in order to publicize the family's expertise in glass manufacture. 39 The arrival of the modern movement in architecture, in Venice as else- where in Italy, was linked with the growth of Fascism, which found a potent means of expression in the public buildings of the 1930s.

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The speed and ruthlessness with which the tough, functional Fascist style imposed itself can be seen in the work of a talented local architect called Brenno del Giudice. In the 1920s he had designed two imaginative buildings on the Lido: the Villa Possi on the Via Sandro Gallo and the neighbouring Casa del Farmacista fig.


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