Still there is no direct interrelationship that causes the public to understand and respect the architects for what they do provide overall. Architecture is by no means, new and is far older than many vocations of other professions “ many of the engineering disciplines, information technology, and the other jobs that have developed over the centuries. Yet architecture has impact on each of these too, just as on the individual. The impact and influence is wide spread, deep, and imposing “ and yet is never or rarely realized and understood. Architecture has a very long productive and rich history! And it is still available to those seeking quality, aesthetic flavoring and individualistic design and function. For centuries, it was the architect who was the leader of the design and construction team “ the point-person who was first hired by the client for the project, first to engage the client to ascertain distinct needs, wants, and desires relative to the project. The architect often, then, hired the various discipline consultants’ who designed and documented various systems and aspects of the project. Combined, this team of architect and consultants produced the design concept which the client approved and which was the basis for the construction documents that showed and directed the contractors in the actual work f erecting or building the project. Then various considerations, circumstances or other things began to unravel the on-going status of the architect.


Espacios Abiertos para Casas:australian architects tony owen partners designed moebius house in

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