It is a matter of trying to match one’s desires with a professional philosophy and education. THE SCHOOLS: The schools of architecture varying widely in their concept of, and approach to education and their philosophy regarding what is to be taught in order to achieve a graduate that meets their perspective. Each school has its own, distinct approach to this sequence. In many cases, the curriculum in place is the result of facility input, perhaps built on the tradition of the school, but more than likely without any direction from the university itself. In other words, the faculty has become the originator of the courses, their general content, and the sequence in which they are taught. Certainly where faculty has wide and well-founded backgrounds on educational principles, this scenario works better. But too often, this is not true, and the curriculum becomes a combination of the pet peeves, and the rhetoric of the strongest of the faculty members “ those with tenure, and with very expressive and strongly-held, often-controversial convictions. Many times, this happens to be faculty who have not practiced, and have devoted their careers strictly to academic endeavors. All too easily, then, the evolving curriculum will be theory-oriented, and quite short of technical information and instruction.


Minimod is not just another container house. It is small mobile house . container houses building designs ideas container architecturecontainers to create houses and multi family homes and more. Container Homes - Architecture Linked - Architect & ArchitecturalShipping Container House (Rear View) “ 3D Architectural

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