One may be quite skilled in computer operations, without being able to function well within a specific effort, such as architecture. Education-forprofit schools and institutes operate on promoting programs that sell easily “ CAD is prime example. The usual instruction in community college and other associate degree programs have more focus, but still short of direct relationships to architectural uses. The secondary or vocational school graduates are so taken by “ and immersed in “ their exposure to, and instruction in the computer that they easily jump at the opportunity to continue to show and expand their computer skills in a post-secondary sequence. So they are, indeed, easy sells for course work that involves the computer. But all too many come to swell the chorus of discontent about inadequate, limited, or too-narrow instruction, with no substantive technology component “ i.e., a lack of focus, lack of required ancillary knowledge for example, construction materials, systems, methods, techniques, detailing, problem solving, etc. and directed applications.


Contemporary Coastal Architecture “ Lighthouse 65 in UK | Modern Shingle Homes. Shingled-style Homes. Shingle home with coastal From the road the facade of the home is a geostyle composition of Coastal contemporary home in Austin by Cornerstone Architects

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