Their innovation, excellence, and cutting edge work draw raves of adulation from both public and clientele. The public viewed the work and admired the distinct sensitivity and blending of systems which produced new forms, new shapes, and the many different motifs, designs and solutions. Clients gloried in the images and mere status of an admired building. But something else was happening, just as it happened since architects first began their professional efforts. For every published and openly-admired project, there were innumerable others produced, which satisfied their clientele, met the program requirements, and followed budget and schedules. These all were “ and still are “ little known beyond the confines of their locale, but serve as the massive and strong undergirding of the profession as a whole. Many large cities, for example, have vigorous construction industries but no renowned CHAPTER 7 – HISTORICALLY 81 architects. Large international companies in their cities often too often import their architects from even larger cities and seek those that have a penchant for publication and adulation. Certainly, the companies are seeking image making and prestige as a priority above substantial buildings.


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