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The lingering problem is that all of the various factions are separate and autonomous and quite independently minded. The lack of a let's-sit-down-and work-this-out attitude and direction plagues the profession. Each faction has its prescribed direction goal and program, but there is no collective action to focus these efforts to better serve the profession. There is still in-fighting, irritation, parochialism, perhaps organizational intimidation and strident stubbornness on the part of some people and agencies, holding tight to their position and losing sight of the needs of the profession “ and its members.

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And in addition, is the situation where one agency appears to be overbearing toward others, directing or requiring other than correct and coordinated effort and relations “ again for the overall good of the profession. It remains unclear how this will ever be resolved since there are entrenched thoughts and programs, protective turfdoms, mandated interrelationships that perpetuate isolated perspectives and the lack of CHAPTER 3 – UNDERSTANDING THE PROFESSION OF ARCHITECTURE 45 For the legal protection and limiting the liability exposure of the individuals involved, any of these organizations can be incorporated. Their liability is then limited to the total of the investment in the corporation and not to the total of their This chart shows a series of office organization i.e. ownership configurations that can be used for architects' office.
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