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Therefore, the code and code official should be checked several times during the production of the working drawings to ensure that all current provisions are met and to see how any changes, or variations, may have an impact on the project in unexpected ways. In the last few years, building disasters, both major and minor, have been attributed to a wide range of causes, and there is no clean, clearly defined way to reduce or eliminate them. In most structure fires, ignoring the basic code provisions in the design stage has led to death owing to lack of sufficient exiting facilities, rapid expansion of the fire via combustible materials, and toxic poisoning from burning materials and furnishings. In other situations, the building was found to be in keeping with the codes when it was built, but the addition of flammable decorations and other fire loading furniture, carpeting, etc.

Led to the loss of life. In still others, the initial code-abiding construction was negated by blocking exits, cutting holes in fire walls, and other such conveniences that helped the owner meet his or her needs, or facilitate easier operation, or sadly, save a few dollars in remodeling. Again, lives were lost and property was heavily damaged-tragic cost from all points of view.

In some cases, disaster resulted from poorly conceived details, faulty changes of details, or work that was not executed according to approved drawings. The common factor in all of the examples seems to be time.
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