Apartment House Decorations

Apartment House Decorations

Painting windows

Painting a window is a fiddly job that should not be rushed, yet it needs to be done in one session to avoid ugly joins in the paintwork. Start early in the day and leave the window open so that the paint will be dry enough to close the window at night; do not attempt to paint in windy weather as dust will blow onto the wet paint and spoil it. Immediately before starting work, remove handles, stays and catches and clean the panes thoroughly so that dust or dirt cannot transfer onto the wet paint.

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Applying the paint

If you are using an oil-based paint, remember to build up the paint in layers, beginning with a wood primer, progressing to an undercoat and then finishing off with one or two layers of top coat. Use a 2.5cm (lin) brush for flat areas and a cutting-in brush, which has an angled tip for painting mouldings and glazing bars, of the same size. Apply the paint downwards, along the grain if painting wood. Without reloading the brush, lightly work over this, making sure that paint (but not too much) gets into all the grooves of any mouldings. Finally, glide the brush down again, ensuring that the paint on all the surfaces is smooth and even.

Protecting glass

To protect window panes from paint, either use a paint shield or stick decorator’s or masking tape on the glass close to the glazing bars or frame. Whichever method you use,

Painting around glass

1 paint shield is invaluable when painting window frames, to avoid getting paint on the glass.

A dramatic use of colour draws the eye vibrant blue on the wall and emerald green on the window. Despite having been built up in layers, the paint around the window has become worn with age, but far from offending the eye, this softens the brash green and adds to the window’s charm.

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