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Apartment Design From Melbourne

Red Can Be All Wrong

Where is red all wrong? Have you ever seen a red bedroom or kitchen? Probably not too often. This is because red is not particularly restful for a bedroom nor does it work well with morning light. It is really a mood enhancer when you want to create an air of romance, coziness, elegance, or excitement. I guess these adjectives could apply to the bedroom. However, before painting your bedroom red, I suggest tacking a piece of red fabric to the wall opposite your bed. Wake up each morning to that color on one wall. If you still love it at the end of the week, you’ve got your answer.

Undoing a Mistake

A young woman came into my shop and told me she had painted her bedroom bright red. She thought it would be rich and warm, but it came out all wrong. “It screams like a fire engine siren,” she admitted. “I can’t stand it and I don’t know how to tone it down.” I stood dumbfounded for a second or two. I couldn’t suggest adding a little white to the color because then she’d end up with something even worse, bubble gum pink. I thought about this for a long time. “Why not paint all the trim with glossy white,” I suggested. Wrong. She had just installed a linen-colored Berber rug.

Wallpapering would be another solution, but this would have required more money and more work when what she wanted was to salvage what she could of the red room. Finally I thought the best solution might be to apply a faux finish, like a sponge treatment or ragging. If you have a red wall that’s too bright, the following will tone it down: Make a mixture of equal parts eggshell gray or brown paint and glaze. When applied to the walls, let some of the red show through. My advice is this: Red is all wrong for a bedroom, no matter what shade or tone. It’s simply too risky. The dining room is a good place for red if you love the color.

When Yellow Works

Yellow has been popping up in all sorts of unlikely places and teamed with colors you might not have thought to use it with, such as purple or lavender. Just as with white, there are many shades of yellow, and the subtleties we find in nature are just as interesting in paint colors, wallpaper, and fabric patterns.

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