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After completing her afternoon » shopping, Judy brews a pot of coffee The test of a true entertainer is whether or not she makes it look effortless.fudy does.  Gets to work chopping prosciutto and fresh thyme for the clams shell serve first. Im all about prepping before the guests arrive, she says, her backdrop a wall of copper pots shes collected over the years.

And I keep my entrees elegant yet simple. Tonights presentation includes Mango-glazed Salmon with Coconut-Ginger Rice and Pan-Asian Vegetables. Judy perfects the menu, and I perfect the dinner soundtrack, says Ron, who has almost as many CDs as his wife has cookbooks. About interior designing Tonight, hes selected Billie Holiday, whose soulful voice fills the room as guests ring the bell. Judys parties are legendary, says Richard, who walks in, hugs his hostess, and peers into a pot full of clams.

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