5 Ways To Secure Your Home

It’s no surprise that we all want to feel safer: shockingly, according to Statistics SA, half of all crimes experienced by households in 2015 to 2016 were housebreakings. So what should you do?

Sometimes adding something as simple as extra lighting could mean a better night’s sleep. And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, either. We’ve found four brilliant devices, plus a hard-working two-in-one combo, that’ll boost your home security – without blowing your budget.

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1. Knock, knock

R4 299; takealot.com

You’re not at home and someone rings your bell – what do you do? Well, not terribly much because you probably don’t even know about it… unless you have this nifty gadget, The Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell. You’ll be able to check who’s at your gate or door via your tablet, smartphone, or desktop – the visitor won’t even know you’re not there! It comes with a 180° view and a built-in microphone/ speaker combo so you can chat to them, too. Connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi to get instant alerts when the device detects motion, and download the app (free for iOS/Apple; Android; Windows 10) to control your device or review videos on one dashboard. Or, keep an eye on what’s going on inside your home when you’re not there (or when you don’t want to

venture down the passage), thanks to the EZVIZ C2C Mini O Wi-Fi IP Camera (R1 199; bn eta.co.zi), which can be placed in any room: the tiny wide-angle lens will provide real-time video that you can watch on your device, day or night. Plus, if it detects motion it will activate automatically. /«’ 1 „

2. Lock up

Quote on request; trellidor.co.za

Try a protective door or window screen for a two-in-one security/mesh combo, like Trellidoor’s Clear Guard. It’ll not only keep burglars out, but mosquitoes too – just what you need on hot summer evenings. The custom-made screens allow for see-through security so you can still enjoy the view, without having to look through ugly burglar bars. It also eliminates stuffiness, as air flows through the mesh. It’s framed with sturdy aluminium to withstand a forcible attack, and can be tailored to almost any door and window style.

3. No entry

R3 999; makro.co.za

Always losing your keys? Enter the problem-solving Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock. Choose between a radio-frequency card, phone sticker, tag, or PIN code to operate the lock. And for multiple users, the system can allow up to 20 user slots. The added bonus? You can set up a 24-hour ‘one-day only’ code

to provide access for your guests or tradesmen. It’s for inward-opening, wooden doors only, and it also comes with a tamper alarm.

4. See the light

R823 for two; cybotech.co.za

It’s harder for a burglar to evade detection in a well-lit area – and with these solar-powered outdoor LED lights (CTAFK-LT373), you won’t have to worry about an electricity bill spike. The lights are activated by motion detectors but you can also choose to run them on a pre-set timer, or in continuous light mode where they’ll put out a constant dimmed light.

5. Button action

From R650 for device (membership plans from R10 p/m); safezones.co.za

It’s not always easy to reach for your phone in an emergency situation, that’s why the Safezones Panic Button and GPS Tracker is a must. It’s easy to keep the device on you, and with a press of a button your emergency contacts will all get a group panic alert, and your location, on their phones. You can also sign up to the 24-hour emergency call centre who will dispatch response teams.

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