10 Split Level Home Decorating Ideas

Alkyd is a modified or synthetic oil used in paint as a binder.

Binder is the adhesive that holds the pigment particles to each other and the surface.

Enamel originally meant a high-gloss finish; today it means a high-quality, smoother-finish paint.

Epoxy is a chemically cured coating applied in a liquid form like paint.

Extender pigments provide qualities other than color for the paint.

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Faux finish refers to when a surface is painted to appear to be a different material.

Fresco is when paint is mixed with the top coat of plaster forming a design on a wall finish.

Glaze is a thin transparent film that adds luminescence.

Intumescent refers to a fire-retardant in coatings that slows the progress of a fire by forming a protective foam.

Latex is a misnomer for water-based paints because latex is a product of the rubber tree and not present in latex paint.

Paint is a pigmented liquid applied to a surface in a thin layer which dries to a film.

Pigment is the ingredient in paint that provides color and opacity.

Primer is the first coat applied to a substrate to prepare it for paint.

Oxidation occurs when a solvent-based binder reacts with oxygen in air to cure and harden paint.

Shellac is a natural resin from the lac bug used for sealing and finishing furniture and floors.

Solids are the part of paint that remains on the surface after the paint dries.

Solvent has a dual meaning in the paint industry. Solvents can be any liquid used to dissolve a binder in paint. The term also refers to a chemical, either hydrocarbon or oxygenated, used for making oil or alkyd paint.

Stain is a semi-transparent coating with color designed to penetrate into the surface yet allowing the surface texture to show through.

Titanium dioxide is a nonlead white pigment used to cover and hide other colors or stains.

Trompe i'oeii is a visual painting technique meaning to trick the eye, or create an illusion.

Varnish is a transparent finish applied to wood to make it impervious to water.

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