10 Split Level Home Decorating Ideas

Alkyd is a modified or artificial oil utilized in paint as a binder.

Binder is the adhesive that holds the pigment particles to one another and the floor.

Enamel initially meant a high-gloss end; at the moment it means a high-quality, smoother-finish paint.

Epoxy is a chemically cured coating utilized in a liquid kind like paint.

Extender pigments present qualities aside from coloration for the paint.

Fake end refers to when a floor is painted to seem like a distinct materials.

Fresco is when paint is combined with the highest coat of plaster forming a design on a wall end.

Glaze is a skinny clear movie that provides luminescence.

Intumescent refers to a fire-retardant in coatings that slows the progress of a fireplace by forming a protecting foam.

Latex is a misnomer for water-based paints as a result of latex is a product of the rubber tree and never current in latex paint.

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Paint is a pigmented liquid utilized to a floor in a skinny layer which dries to a movie.

Pigment is the ingredient in paint that gives coloration and opacity.

Primer is the primary coat utilized to a substrate to arrange it for paint.

Oxidation happens when a solvent-based binder reacts with oxygen in air to remedy and harden paint.

Shellac is a pure resin from the lac bug used for sealing and ending furnishings and flooring.

Solids are the a part of paint that continues to be on the floor after the paint dries.

Solvent has a twin which means within the paint business. Solvents may be any liquid used to dissolve a binder in paint. The time period additionally refers to a chemical, both hydrocarbon or oxygenated, used for making oil or alkyd paint.

Stain is a semi-transparent coating with coloration designed to penetrate into the floor but permitting the floor texture to indicate via.

Titanium dioxide is a nonlead white pigment used to cowl and conceal different colours or stains.

Trompe i’oeii is a visible portray method which means to trick the attention, or create an phantasm.

Varnish is a clear end utilized to wooden to make it impervious to water.

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