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A second problem that I caught by being at the site on a Saturday was a serious case of pilfering. In general, construction people know to lock up their valuable materials at night and on the weekends, because such materials will otherwise be stolen. Locking up such materials was routinely done at this site, with the exception of coaxial cable. It was very expensive, hard to obtain, and for some reason could be delivered only on Fridays. However on Saturdays, unbeknownst to us, someone would back up a truck and the cable would disappear for resale elsewhere. The cable and the copper pipes were very valuable and easily resold. For weeks, the electrician and plumbing foremen complained that their cable and copper pipe were being stolen and we’d tried to figure out by whom. But during those weeks none of us had been present on a Saturday. When I made my first Saturday visit, I caught the scam in progress. The people responsible, the electrical foreman and several plumbers, were fired, and we got back to work with some new faces on site.

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My performance at the strip mall convinced Uncle David, who was still in charge, that I could be trusted not only to perform competently but also to view things from an owner’s perspective to mind the money on the construction site as though it was my own.

Uncle Alex’s Little Black Home Design

On the next project, with the blog-of-licenses guy on the way out, I was confronted with a blog of another kind.

The project was called Sutton Terrace, and it was to be an allconcrete, high-rise apartment building in Manhattan, on York Avenue between 62nd and 63rd Streets. In contrast to my previous two projects, this was designed as a two-building luxury complex with a garden on top of a multistoried underground garage. On this project I became the assistant to an old-time construction superintendent. The site, being within walking distance of the Tishman offices, was very visible to the family. Uncle Alex visited there frequently, and was generally accompanied by his son Bill, who came into the company during the construction of Sutton Terrace.

Bill was just starting in the company. He was an engineer with a degree that it had taken him quite a long time to obtain, and he did not seem terribly interested in construction nor, for that matter, in learning. He was becoming a champion skier and led a fabulous social life. But in the company’s terms he had one thing that I didn’t have a patron, his father, Alex. Within the Tishman hierarchy, my uncles thought but never stated overtly, Bill and I were to be competitors.

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