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Extrusion is a technique of manufacturing plastic merchandise by which a semi-liquid resolution is pressured by way of a die that creates the specified form and dimension.

Fiber-reinforced plastic (or FRP board) is a moisture-proof and impact-resistant panel used for environments similar to eating places that require sanitary situations.

Floorscore is a certification of air high quality for resilient flooring and adhesives.

Foamed plastic is a strategy of including air bubbles to the polymer resolution, leading to a mobile construction. Styrofoam is a foamed plastic.

Formica is the brandname for the primary marketed plastic laminate, developed within the early 1900s by Westinghouse scientists Herbert A. Faber and Daniel J. O’Conor.

Friable means simply crumbled. Merchandise made with asbestos could also be friable, and thus current a well being risk to people.

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Furan is a black plastic resin used for grout in industrial and chemical laboratories.

Greenguard is the company that certifies indoor air high quality.

Greenseal is the company that evaluates life cycle evaluation of supposedly inexperienced merchandise.

Injection molding is a technique of manufacturing plastic merchandise which have complicated shapes by injecting melted resin granules into the cavity of a hole cooled mould.

Kevlar, or polyamide arimid, is a high-strength plastic associated to nylon used for bullet resistance.

Laminating refers to any strategy of fusing sheets of fabric. Plastic laminate is fashioned by fusing, below warmth and strain, layers of paper which have been impregnated with melamine and phenolic resins.

Excessive-pressure laminates are used for horizontal surfaces similar to counter tops and desk tops.

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