10 Inspired Ideas for Dining Room Decorating

10 Inspired Ideas for Dining Room Decorating


Wallpaper can give your dining room instant personality. The wall covering might be a busy and bright pattern such as a print of big cabbage roses or a more subdued, overall print that might suggest a country style. There are literally thousands of wallpaper patterns and if you want to save money applying wallpaper yourself, it isn’t a very difficult job. Always select prepasted papers if you’re a beginner.

If you want to get the finished effect that wallpaper can provide, consider applying a wallpaper border or papering only half the wall, either top or bottom, with the wallpaper border finishing the dividing edge. Keep in mind that an overall repeat pattern is the easiest to work with. Stripes are the most difficult to match perfectly. Finally, if you like the look of a faux-finish treatment such as sponging or ragging, but don’t feel confident doing this yourself, you can get wallpaper that simulates the different techniques. Once the paper is applied to your walls, you almost can’t tell they aren’t actually painted.


This is the molding that is applied to the wall around the room just at chair height. Wainscoting is a decorative molding, but also serves a practical purpose, which is to keep chairs from marring the wall. Decorative molding is available at most home centers and lumberyards and it’s easy to apply. You can either paint it to match the walls, or choose a color that is found in the wallpaper, or paint it in a contrasting color. When wallpaper is applied to the bottom portion of a wall, the wainscoting is then adhered to the wall over the top edge of the paper to give it a finished look.


There are many styles of wood molding that come in a variety of widths. Molding is often used to add an element of architectural interest to a room where none exists. This is an easy and inexpensive way to make a room grander, more elegant, or to create a specific style such as Federal or early American, depending on the molding. Some are carved with very elaborate designs, others are rounded or beveled or simply plain. You buy it in long strips and cut it to fit your walls. They can be stained, painted, or faux finished before applying to the walls.

The Dining Room Table

For years I used a beat-up old table for dining and always kept a tablecloth over it. If you find a secondhand table that needs refinishing but don’t have the time, cover it until you can tackle this project. Even outdoor furniture can be concealed for indoor use if you don’t have the money right away or haven’t yet found the perfect table for your needs.

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