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Low-pressure laminates are used for vertical and low-wear applications.

Lexan, or polycarbonate, is a high-strength plastic used in applications that require vandal resistance and extreme durability.

Melamine is a urea-based resin combining cyanamide with formaldehyde used as wear layer in plastic laminate.

Monomers are short molecules that are combined in repeating units to create larger molecules or polymers.

Nylon, or polyamide, is the first truly synthetic fiber. In rigid form, nylon's strength makes it an engineering plastic, used for hardware and other metal substitutes.

Persistent bio-accumulative toxins (PBTs) are harmful components found in plastics, usually as additives, but they may be a structural component of the plastic. Examples include phthal-ates, bisphenol A, benzene, and styrene. Dioxin is a toxic substance released when plastics are burned.

10 Home Office Decorating Ideas Pictures Photos

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Plastic is derived from plastikos, a Greek term meaning pliant, malleable, or easily changed.

Plasticizers are added to thermoplastics to maintain their flexibility. Some plasticizers are harmful to humans.

Plastic wall panels are most often made of acrylic, but can be made of different plastics. They may be chosen for applications that require extreme durability or cleanliness or as a decorative divider panel, often for their texture and color and/or the addition of materials sandwiched between two clear layers.

Polyester, or polyethylene terephthalate or PET, is a plastic used as fiber and paint, and as a resin with glass fibers to make fiberglass.

Polymer is a combination of two or more monomers (or single molecules) to make one large molecule.

Polymer resin is the raw material from which plastic products are made.

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