10 Home Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Exterior walls of glass, coupled with doors that disappear into pockets, create a seamless indoor/outdoor interaction. Inside, there are few walls. The flowing spaces were sculpted to control the natural light, which is harsh and direct in some places but, in the heart of the house, filters in softly through a north-facing skylight.

Strategically placed windows frame the views, proportion the walls, and hide neighboring houses. From the curving galley kitchen, carefully controlled sight lines extend through the breakfast room to the garden beyond a view that expands when the doors at the end are retracted into the wall.

Windows take on particular drama in the bedrooms, each of which has one glass wall. Privacy is maintained by cantilevered wing walls that extend over the garden and direct the views away from neighboring homes, while a metal-clad roof overhang provides shade.

Looking back over the years and selectingthe projects that represent the best of Abramson Teiger Architects allowed us to reflect also on the hundreds, possibly thousands, of people who contributed along this journey. It is because of the dedication of these people that this body of work exists. We are grateful that these individuals reached for excellence and took a personal interest in contributing to our projects.

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Thank you to our wives, Adele Abramson and Sabrina Teiger, who provide constant encouragement and support. We are thankful to our family and friends who have been there for us at each step in the growth of the firm, during the long hours, weekend meetings, and nighttime events required to meet our deadlines and produce our work.

We are greatly indebted to our clients, who have trusted us to turn their dreams into reality. Their openness to the design process and eager participation along the way has enabled us to produce some of our best work.

We acknowledge our dedicated staff members, who contribute tremendous effort, long hours, and inspirational ideas and solutions for each of our projects. We are appreciative of our staff of architects and the designers who have worked with us on these projects. The sense of family established within our office makes our studio a special place for us to work.

We are grateful to the meticulous attention to detail given by our contractors, subcontractors, craftsmen, vendors, and consultants. Each of these people has taken a personal interest in crafting our projects.

This blog would not have been possible without the guidance and direction of our publisher, Anthony lannacci, and our editor, Carolyn Horwitz.

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