10 Home Decorating Ideas 2018

The entry hall begins a theme of volumetric compression and decompression that echoes throughout the house, whose interior volumes are expressed externally as well. The skylight shaft, prominent from the street, forms a hollow volume into which one arises when ascending the staircase. The living room ceiling slopes upward, expanding toward the view, the garden, and the sky.

The open feeling is enhanced by strategically placed windows that offer glimpses of land or sky while blocking the sight of adjacent houses; the windows terminate the circulation axis with views to the rear garden. The connectivity between indoors and out continues in the kitchen/family room, where 9V^-foot-high doors open completely to the patio and pool.

Primary materials include smooth concrete, natural wood, and white gypsum-board walls. The rough scraped plaster of the facade is carried through to the interior in the living room.

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Left: The design is a play on solid and void: The primarily open facade at left incorporates some solid elements, while the white central volume has a void in the form of a small window.

Right: The patio of the master bedroom upstairs forms the roof of an outdoor room off the family room/kitchen. Continuous concrete floors enhance the indoor/outdoor interaction.

Views and openness are the defining features of this light-filled house. The initial impression is of a strict, high-modern aesthetic, but a more careful inspection reveals distortion of perspective, folded surfaces, and obliquity. The structure is a series of volumes that fan outward; walls bend to project the spaces away from the center of the house, enhancing the views and the flow of light.

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