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Ceramic tiles are a choice that benefit from life cycle cost analysis because they are durable and last for centuries. Higher-quality, denser tiles such as porcelains will cost more than less dense ceramic tiles. The cost of the ceramic tiles is usually low compared to other materials. However, the cost of labor to install ceramic tiles will be higher than that for some other materials, due to the hours of labor required to prepare the surface, lay the tiles carefully to keep them straight, apply grout between the tiles, and clean the excess grout from the tiles.

In addition, the cost of transportation of ceramic tiles is high because of their weight.

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Transportation may also be affected by worker strikes and other delays. It is possible that the quantity of ceramic tiles needed for a job may not be in stock in a local warehouse, so transportation and availability become an issue in selecting a specific tile for an installation.

It is essential to check on quantity and reserve the amount needed for a job when you begin to select materials.


Installation of ceramic tile is covered by American National Standards Institute. These are voluntary standards for the installation of ceramic tile. ANSI A108 defines the installation of ceramic tile. A118 and A136 define the test methods and physical properties for ceramic tile installation materials. These are available atvvww.tileuse.com.

Floor Tile Installation.

An option available for ceramic floor installations is underfloor heating. Electrical radiant heating can be installed under ceramic floor tiles. This type of heating is often used in dry climates. In a damp or humid area, condensation may occur under the floor from the combination of heat and humidity. If under-floor radiant heat is to be used, it will be laid into the mortar bed and wired to an electrical switch in the wall. Ceramic tiles will be installed over the mesh of electrical wires.

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