10 Easy Small Garden Design Ideas

Another interesting design feature though not a particular challenge in construction was a change in the location of the balconies.

The architects wanted the balconies recessed, not out over the arena as they had been in the previous Garden. Whereas the forward balconies at the midtown Madison Square Garden had permitted and sort of encouraged spectators to throw objects at players and performers they disliked, Felt wanted to prevent that from happening in the new Garden by setting the balconies back farther from the floor of the arena.

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Though our construction division had never before been involved in the creation of an arena, it did not present technical problems beyond our experience or competence, and it was completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

Our successful work with Madison Square Garden enabled me to better advocate to my family that our construction division should actively seek work as Construction Managers with outside clients to augment the work that we regularly did for Tishman Realty projects. Now, they agreed.

It was this understanding, and our track record in managing construction, that within a few years would lead our department to supervise $1 billion in construction projects annually, and to manage the building of the first three 100-story towers ever erected, which were at that time the tallest buildings in the world. In all these projects, we continued the model of the business arrangement created for the MSG complex: our construction department effectively became an agent of the owner. In that role, the project designers and trades accepted us as though we were the owner’s in-house construction department, and we supervised every aspect of the project, from design through to completion.

By the 1960s, partly because development opportunities in New York City were increasingly limited and because the suburbs were not attractive to us as sites for buildings, the Tishman Realty activities expanded by developing in other big cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles, and we were becoming known in those cities.

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