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Nylon fiber has excellent abrasion resistance, but pills cling and won't break off. Nylon is very strong and has good chemical resistance. Static buildup is a problem, however. Because of low moisture regain, electrons build up.

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The only fibers with lower sunlight resistance than nylon are silk and wool. Thus, sunlight can damage textiles made of nylon. Engineering the fiber can control the elasticity, the stiffness, and resistance to mold and mildew.

Heat setting can improve resiliency. The trilobal shape and the micro-rough surface reduce soil adhesion.

Polyolefin, developed in 1961, is also known as olefin. Two plastic solutions can be used to make polyolefin fibers: polyethylene and polypropylene.

The polymer chains are held together by crystallinity alone, which means textiles made of polyolefin are difficult to dye. Thus, polyolefin is usually solution dyed. It is used for wallcovering and carpet.

Because polyolefin is microbe resistant, it has replaced jute for carpet backing. Polyolefin fibers are melt- spun. The fabric has a smooth, waxy hand, with a medium luster.

Textiles made of polyolefin can be recycled.

Polyolefin has high covering power because of its low specific gravity. Thus, polyolefin fibers are inexpensive. The level of elasticity and the drapability of polyolefin can be controlled with engineering.

Polyolefin fibers have a round cross-sectional shape. The fibers can be produced with a very fine denier, which improves the drapability of textiles made of Polyolefin.

Polyolefin is strong and has good-to-excellent abrasion resistance. It wicks moisture away from surfaces and is not prone to static buildup.

However, several characteristics of polyolefin are problematic. Even though polyolefin is inherently stain repellent, it is highly oleophilic and any oil-based products will stain. Because it is highly sensitive to heat and melts easily, textiles made of polyolefin may appear dirty when the heat of abrasion has actually melted the fibers.

Polyolefin does not absorb moisture, is difficult to dye, and has low sunlight resistance.

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