10 Best Storage Decorating Ideas

10 Best Storage Decorating Ideas
Modular storage
A modular storage system can be built out of something as simple as a row of pigeonholes or lockers or it can be a sophisticated mix of cupboards, shelves and drawers. Mass-produced systems can be added to over time and are often sold as self-assembly units, which makes them ideal for anyone furnishing on a budget. Some are stacked on the floor like building bricks while others can be fixed to the wall. A surprisingly large number are too shallow to accommodate items such as large posts, so choose a system that is suitable for your possessions.
Storage containers, boxes and baskets
Although they are often overlooked in the search for whole-room solutions, boxes, baskets and other containers play a vital role. They can impose order on chaotic open storage and allow you to shift possessions easily from one place to another. If they are sturdy enough they can simply be stacked on a surface to create temporary structures. However, non-transparent containers should always be labelled so that you can tell at a glance what is inside. There is nothing organized, or amusing, about unpacking several boxes to find one elusive item.
A hook may be all you need to turn dead space into useful storage. Screwing one or two into the back of a wardrobe door allows you to use the space to store belts and other accessories, while bicycles and cumbersome sports equipment can be kept out of the way by hanging them from the wall or ceiling high above your head. A use can be found for hooks wherever objects need to be kept to hand, yet off the floor and other surfaces. Used in quantity, in the form of a row of knobs, perhaps, or to store a variety of items on a peg board, they add a touch of pattern to a scheme.

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