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Clutter and Decluttering.

The terms clutter and decluttering have been mentioned earlier in this book. You must be wondering what they mean. Pick up a dictionary and look it up. It will probably give you something along the lines, “A clutter is a collection of things lying in an untidy manner.

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? Every house has its fair share of clutter. The process of cleaning this up is called decluttering.

Defining Clutter

If the above meaning was ambiguous, there are three definitions mentioned below. Hopefully, these will give you a much clearer understanding of the word.

Clutter is the pile and the heap of items that you have grouped in a place when you have decided that you do not need them anymore. You would not have realized that you are creating hindrances to yourself in your life because of this clutter.

Clutter has also been defined as the item, which could be perceived as a disturbance of a form of interference in your life since you will find that the items in the clutter leave you confused and disoriented. You will be unable to keep yourself on the project or job that you have taken up due to the disturbances that you obtain. You may also find that there are a few things that you have completely ignored because of this clutter.

Clutter has always been a luxury and this may have surprised you but if you think about it, it is true! This is a luxury since you find yourself worthy and able to afford all the clutter you have around you. You may have stopped using every piece of this clutter since you have outgrown the items in the clutter. But, this is where the psychologists disagree since they believe that this luxury is in fact an obsession. When you require balance in your life, you will need to ensure that you remove this accumulation from your life. Make sure that your excitement does not let you affect your life!

The final definition of clutter is one that is most accurate since it is defined as a distraction since you will completely ignore what you want when you are faced with this clutter.

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