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The three types of clutter.

To classify clutter broadly we can place them into three categories. On many occasions you may have worked in arranging things in your house. In doing so, you may have separated the clutter in your house into these three categories. The following section of the book explains what these three categories are and tells you what categorizes each one.

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It also speaks about how and why each type affects you. Clutter mainly decreases the flow of energy through your home. This section also helps you in the elimination of clutter. The three categories are inner clutter, outer clutter and other clutter.

Inner Clutter

At this point, you’re probably wondering what the words “inner clutter” could possibly mean. It is just as the name suggests. Inner clutter is the clutter that exists inside of you- in your brain or inside your ears. Inner clutter is something that every human is born with- it is innate. Everyone has some amount of inner clutter. It is inevitable. To put it simply, inner clutter is basically the clutter of all of your emotions, feelings, opinions, thoughts, impressions and ideas.

In terms of inner clutter, you need to know that you are your biggest threat. All the external threats of the world are not factors here. All the terrorism and other sources of sorrow in the world are not threats to you. You are what you should fear when it comes to inner clutter. You are the only person who can pull yourself down whenever you want to. On the flipside, you are also the only one who can keep yourself happy. It is all up to you. You are the master of your emotions. Your inner self is constantiy in a state of confusion about arbitrary things in the world. You need to be able to set these thoughts straight in order to attain inner peace. Take charge of your inner self. This is the only way you can eliminate inner clutter. If you do not step up and take control, your mind will be in a constant state of chaos and this will have a toll on you.

Outer Clutter.

Unlike inner clutter, outer clutter is a lot less complex. This includes physical clutter. Objects that you do not use often or have completely forgotten about often find their spots in corners of your home and collect dust. These forgotten objects are what make up outer clutter.

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