10 Best Interior Design Ideas Small Living Room

Cleaning the Kitchen.

Another place that undoubtedly collects a large amount of dust is the kitchen. Not just dust, but food and other ingredients like oil might spill and these need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Since the kitchen is where you cook your food, it is essential to keep it clean.

Keep your kitchen appliances clean.

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There are a number of appliances in your kitchen that you use to cook your food. These need to be kept spick and span. While cleaning them, refer to the instruction manuals of each of the appliances in order to avoid damaging them Since the refrigerators and mixers are 2 appliances you use constantiy, they have to be kept clean as well. Having a dirty refrigerator will only end up ruining your fruits, vegetables and other groceries.

Clean the top of the counter.

The top of the counter is the place where you cut vegetables and fruits. Therefore, you need to ensure that the counter is extremely clean. It needs to be disinfected on a daily basis.

The kitchen floor.

Reasons for cleaning your kitchen floor need not be stated. It is rather obvious that it needs to be done. In many countries, it is a custom to remove your footwear before walking into the kitchen. This is a good practice because it reduces the chances of the kitchen becoming dirty.

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