10 Best Ideas About Dining Room Design

10 Best Ideas About Dining Room Design

Other Pieces of Furniture

A china cupboard is a convenient place to store your dishes and glasses. If it has drawers or shelves behind doors, this is a good place to store table linens. While armoires and other large pieces of furniture can be expensive, these items can be found at ready-to-finish stores for a fraction of the price, and they’re easy to stain, paint, or faux finish.

A sideboard is great for serving or for buffet dining. This table can be any size that will conveniently fit into the space. One couple I know who have recently bought a new home have a narrow wall area on one side of sliding glass doors that lead to a patio. Their solution is to hang a shelf along the wall and create a grouping of artwork around a mirror on the wall over the shelf. This will allow room for a larger table than would have been possible if they had had a standing piece of furniture in the room as well.

Finishing Touches

Collections and artwork add a personal touch to the room. Some people like to display plates, either hanging on the wall or on a shelf around the room. A large vase of flowers or flowering plants keeps the room looking fresh even when not in use. The dining room is an interesting place for postshelves. A decorator friend had postshelves built around the windows on one wall in her dining area. A small but comfortable chair and reading lamp in one comer of the room extend its use from time to time. If you have a nice view from a window, consider placing a mirror on the opposite wall to reflect that scene.

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