10 Best Crochet Creations

10 Best Crochet Creations

Ever since the 1960s crochet has had a bad name, when it became associated with the hippy movement. But fine crocheted lace hangs so beautifully that it deserves a better fate. Crochet lace curtains, used with continental panache, have more of the honest peasant than the hopeless hippy about them. Hunt for patterns for your own crochet work to transform your windows with impressionist sun and shadow.

The easiest, and one of the most comforting crochet creations is the all-embracing Afghan rug. Basically just a square worked from the middle, and firmly edged (with reverse crochet), this is an essential accessory for winter evenings by the fire. Worked in one or two carefully chosen colours, the Afghan has definite designer cachet.

Very keen crocheters can tackle bedspreads, in thick cream or white cotton, and even heavy cotton rugs. These large pieces are usually made up from a number of squares, but they take time to complete.

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