10 Best Carpet Designs Design Ideas

10 Best Carpet Designs Design Ideas

Carpet Chair Cover

A partly worn-out carpet or kelim with mellow colours can be put to use as a chair covering. Use the sound pieces from the carpet, bearing in mind the amount of weight it needs to carry. Designs of chair like the one in this picture are quite common, but you could make a similar cover for an old rocking chair or a folding director’s chair.

Hand-Hooked Rug

Measure the area of the back and seat -remember to allow for the material that has to wrap around the front and rear cross struts of the seat. Cut equivalent pieces from the carpet, matching the pattern in both pieces if possible.

Position the carpet on the chair back with a few temporary upholstery tacks. Then fix with permanent tacks, starting in the centre of each side and working outwards. Ease out the temporary tacks with a tack lifter. To hide the tacks, stick a length of braid with latex adhesive, securing with gimp pins or decorative nails.

On the seat, wrap the carpet around the front and rear cross braces and fold back to prevent fraying (if you find the carpet a bit too thick for this, try shaving off some of the pile). Insert a narrow gauge steel rod (available from hardware stores or blacksmiths) along the length of this fold – this eases the pressure. Then tack the carpet to the wooden struts, close to the steel rod.

Tack the sides of the carpet to the sides of the chair and cover the edges with braid.

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