10 Best Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

10 Best Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

Cutting around obstacles

1 Make two release cuts in the paper, at 90 degrees to each other, so that the paper can butt up to the wall.

2 Make more release cuts until the paper lies flat around the obstacle. Fold the flaps down, draw a profile and cut.

3 Make two release cuts in the vinyl. Transfer the outli n of the obstacle using the paper template and cut a hole

4 Alternatively, use a wooden block to accurately scribe the profile of the obstacle onto your paper template.

5 Fix the template in position and, with a pen inside the block running around the profile, re-draw the outline.

6 To cut around a pipe, make a release cut, mark the pipe’s position, and, using a coin as a guide, cut a hole.

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Flexible flooring pencil line you have drawn on the template and transfer the shape onto the vinyl, by scribing along the inside of the block as you move it around the pencil line.

To fit vinyl around pipes, make a release cut so that the vinyl lies flat at the wall. Measure the position of the pipe and fold the vinyl back from the wall. Measure the place on the vinyl where the hole is to go and mark it using an appropriately sized coin. Cut out the hole and refit the vinyl into place.

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